Sun targets AIX with new campaign

Sun Microsystems is readying a new AIX-to-Solaris migration program that will kick off on Wednesday with full-page ads in The...

Sun Microsystems is readying a new AIX-to-Solaris migration program that will kick off with full-page ads in The Wall Street Journal and the San Jose Mercury News.

The ads will obliquely refer to SCO's $1bn (£600m) lawsuit with IBM and its recent announcement that it had terminated Big Blue's AIX licensing agreement, and they will present Sun's Solaris as a safer version of Unix than IBM's AIX.

The purpose of the campaign is "to remind people that, while others may not be as committed to the Unix platform, Sun is," said Larry Singer, the vice-president of Sun's global information systems strategy office.

Sun will offer free two-day assessments to customers looking to migrate from Solaris to AIX. Then, working through its iForce service centres, it will team up with independent software suppliers and system integrators to port AIX systems to Solaris.

Sun expects to roll out similar migration campaigns for a number of other rival platforms over the next few months. Hewlett-Packard's Tru64, VMS and HP3000 operating systems are being targeted, as is Windows NT, where Sun will be offering a migration program for Solaris on x86.

There is a difference between Sun and IBM's Unix licensing agreement with SCO, according to Illuminata senior analyst Gordon Haff. Because Sun had the foresight to buy out full rights to Unix on Solaris it is basically unaffected by any of this, he said, and can therefore present itself as a safe haven for customers.

Robert McMillan writes for IDG News Service

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