New head at Microsoft Security Response Center

Microsoft's Security Response Center (MSRC) which deals with security vulnerabilities, has appointed a new manager.

Microsoft's Security Response Center (MSRC) which deals with security vulnerabilities, has appointed a new manager.

Steve Lipner, Microsoft's director of security engineering strategy, has handed over responsibility for the MSRC to Kevin Kean, an industry veteran who joined Microsoft as group product manager for management and communications products in 1996.

Lipner drove the code-cleaning initiative last year which saw  Microsoft take a break from writing code to examine its work for security flaws.

Kean, most recently a senior group product manager for Windows Server 2003, played a key role in the code evaluation.

Windows Server 2003, released in April, is one of Microsoft's first products to have undergone the rigid code review.

Lipner will stay at Microsoft's Security Business Unit and will be responsible for establishing security-development processes and plans for application of those in new product generations. Lipner's team will also work on new programmes to help users deploy Microsoft software securely.

Joris Evers writes for IDG News Service

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