Unisys prepares to launch 32-processor mainframe

Unisys is to add two mainframe systems to its Dorado line next week.

Unisys is to add two mainframe systems to its Dorado line next week.

The Dorado Model 140 and Dorado Model 180 systems will replace Unisys's ClearPath 7402 and ClearPath 7802 models. They will serve as the high-end counterparts to the Dorado Model 110, which Unisys announced in February.

Running Unisys's OS 2200 operating system, the Model 180 will be able to run as many as 32 processors in a single system image and have a maximum processing power of 2,350 million instructions per second (MIPS). The Model 140 will support up to 16 processors and its processing power will range between 40 and 1,650 MIPS.

The Model 180 will also include a "performance redistribution" feature that will let administrators decide how many microprocessors to assign to any one application.

"You have the freedom to partition the MIPS you like," said Unisys program marketing manager Mike Hall "You decide how many and which processors to use."

This kind of performance redistribution will optimise applications such as batch processing and real-time computing.

The systems will also be able to furnish extra processing capacity on demand, which means that administrators will be able to turn extra processors on and off whenever they find a spike in demand.

The systems will be based on 1.5GHz or 2.0GHz Intel Xeon processors, depending on the configuration, and will have a maximum memory capacity of 48 gigabytes.

Unisys will also introduce software that allows mainframe customers to use standards-based integration such as J2EE, .net, web services and more to integrate legacy applications with the rest of their IT infrastructure.

This software will be called ClearPath Plus and will be used to run new types of programs, such as application servers, on the mainframe.

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