UK firms lack testing budget

Only 17% of UK companies can find the budget to deploy IT testing schemes, new research has claimed.

Only 17% of UK companies can find the budget to deploy IT testing schemes, new research has claimed.

Nearly 90% of UK executives have experienced difficulty getting pilots running, with lack of budget and time the main obstacles.

However, European IT executives still place great value on IT pilots, with 83% rating them either "valuable" or "very valuable". Only 1% of the 400 senior IT executives surveyed felt that it offered no benefits whatsoever.

Experts warned that UK companies needed to take testing much more seriously. Clive Longbottom, head of research at analyst firm Quocirca, said, "This shows us that UK companies are not looking forward - they have to look at the cost of not doing the testing.

"If things go wrong in the future, for example, it could be a big threat to the company."

The Intel Solution Services survey, which was conducted by independent company Rethink Research Associates, questioned IT managers in the UK, France, Germany and Sweden and found different opinions on testing across Europe.

Hardware and software migrations are top priority for firms in the UK, whereas web services are the prime candidate for testing in France.

Although UK IT managers felt that lack of budget was the biggest hurdle in the way of implementing testing, time pressure was the second biggest factor.

Longbottom acknowledged that the amount of time spent on testing is critical. "Rapid pilots conducted in a timely manner can provide a long-term indication of a new solution's impact," he said.

However, he warned that firms should not devote too much time to testing.

"If companies spend too long trialling their solutions there is the danger they will lose the business advantage that comes from introducing a new technology before competitors."

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