Xerox revamps office product line

Xerox has overhauled its line of copiers, printers and multifunction units, as well as a panoply of new services and distribution...

Xerox has overhauled its line of copiers, printers and multifunction units, as well as a panoply of new services and distribution channels.

Xerox, which has lost ground to the likes of Canon, Ricoh, Lexmark International and Hewlett-Packard, is battling back with a three-tier product strategy that covers a range of businesses. The company launched 21 redesigned or new office products that come under three product families: CopyCentre, WorkCentre and WorkCentre Pro.

"The office market is ... our heartland," said Anne Mulcahy, the company's chairman and chief executive officer. "We will have the broadest ... and most cost-effective product line in the market, bar none. In the past when Xerox lost business we lost on price, not capability ... now we have both."

CopyCentre digital copiers are priced starting at $2,299, and offer printing speeds from 16 pages per minute to 90 ppm.

WorkCentre products, priced starting at about $900, are basic multifunction systems that offer networked copying functions, with speeds from 16 ppm to 55 ppm, and options for e-mail, faxing and scanning.

WorkCentre Pro multifunction units provide copying speeds from 16 ppm to 90 ppm, and offer the ability to integrate services and application from third-party providers. These high-end machines are priced starting at $13,150 for a colour-enabled device.

Xerox business partners that announced add-on services, including networked scanning and fax capabilities as well as accounting applications, include: Omtool, Captaris, Cardiff Software, ScanSoft, Kofax Image Products, Equitrac and Control Systems.

The company has been working with its partners to deliver software develop toolkits and application programming interfaces so that various add-on applications would be ready when the products were launched,.

The high-end line includes the WorkCentre Pro 32 Color and the WorkCentre Pro 40 Color. Both devices use Xerox toner technology for sharper image quality and higher reliability. Furthermore, the WorkCentre Pro 40 operates at 40 ppm for black-and-white and 22 ppm for colour, while the WorkCentre Pro 32 is capable of 32 ppm in black-and-white or 16 ppm for colour.

Breaking with company tradition, Xerox will offer multifunction devices in the US via distributors and resellers. The company also for the first time will post prices for multifunction units on the web (

In Europe, the company will follow through with a transition to a two-tier channel strategy it already had started. In both North America and Europe, Xerox will start delivering products to distributors, which in turn will distribute products to value added resellers and concessionaires.

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