CeBIT: AMD unveils notebook chips

Advanced Micro Devices will try to steal some of Intel's thunder today by announcing 12 notebook processors, including five...

Advanced Micro Devices will try to steal some of Intel's thunder today by announcing 12 notebook processors, including five low-voltage chips designed for thin-and-light notebooks, and higher wattage chips for larger notebooks.

AMD's announcement, made at the CeBIT trade show in Hannover, comes the same day that Intel announces its Centrino chip package for notebooks. Centrino combines a Pentium M mobile processor with a chipset and Intel Pro Wireless chip for 802.11b wireless networks.

AMD's five low-voltage chips carry the model numbers 1800+, 1700+, 1600+, 1500+, and 1400+. They make use of a Micro PGA (pin grid array) design that differs from AMD's traditional Socket A pin design.

Micro PGA occupies less space on the motherboard, allowing notebook manufacturers to build smaller systems. The low-voltage chips dissipate 25 watts when operating at maximum power.

The low-voltage chips will be available worldwide in 30 to 60 days in systems from various notebook makers.

AMD's other new processors are designed for larger notebooks, which have garnered more attention among consumers than thin-and-light models.

The desktop replacement category gets four new processors that run at higher wattages than AMD's previous desktop replacement chips. They come with the model numbers 2600+, 2400+, 2200+ and 2000+ and are based on AMD's Thoroughbred core.

The chips dissipate 75 watts at maximum power, while AMD's previous desktop replacement chips dissipated only 45 watts of power at the maximum rating.

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