HP: We will deliver better Web services management

Hewlett-Packard will support all emerging Web services standards and vendors, according to Peter Blackmore, executive...

Hewlett-Packard will support all emerging Web services standards and vendors, according to Peter Blackmore, executive vice-president for HP Enterprise Systems Group.

Blackmore delivered the message in an opening address to the HP Software Universe European user conference in Lisbon.

Outlining the company's new Adaptive Management strategy, Blackmore said HP was getting "back to basics" by delivering better performance and Web services management.

Nora Denzel, general manager for HP software global business unit, said, "Customers are getting a bad deal because vendors are not offering the necessary functionality to allow the end-to-end management of Web services."

"Our goal is to become the Switzerland of service management. We will support any application on any platform and we are working with the industry to define standards to simplify this task."

HP's modular OpenView management platform and Utility Data Centre will be the core component of the Adaptive Management strategy. The company used the show to roll out 30 enhancements to Open View mainly centred on storage virtualisation, network management and the deployment of enterprise applications.

It promised new adaptive management platform products in the next 18 months targeting automatic provisioning, virtualisation, business-level service level agreements, and integration of business operations and processes.

Giga Information Group analysts Will Cappelli and Thomas Mendel said HP's bid for a central role in the development of Web services management technology had been boosted by its acquisition of Compaq earlier this year.

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