Dell offers versatile entry-level server

Dell Computer has introduced a sub-$1,000 (£640) server for small businesses or corporate workgroups that can be factory...

Dell Computer has introduced a sub-$1,000 (£640) server for small businesses or corporate workgroups that can be factory configured to run as a file server, print server or application server.

The Dell PowerEdge 1600SC is the starting point for customers in search of a two-processor server. Dell has replaced its previous 1400SC and 1500SC servers with the new system, said Russ Ray, senior product manager for Dell PowerEdge servers.

The slimmer 1600SC ships with higher-performing chips than its predecessors and has more options for bulking the system up into a higher-end server.

"We didn't want to limit the top-end scalability with this product," Ray said. "But we did want to make things optional, so the system is not taxed if a customer does not want the other features."

Dell is battling with IBM and Hewlett-Packard in the Intel server space and has managed to gain share against its competitors in a tough economic climate.

The 1600SC has built-in gigabit Ethernet support and can be fitted with dual Intel Xeon processors at speeds up to 2.8GHz, up to 438Gbytes of internal small computer systems interface (SCSI) storage and up to 4Gbytes of memory.

Additionally, the 1600SC offers support for hot-pluggable discs and power supplies for customers requiring high-system uptime. Dell has also made remote management available, bringing this option down from its higher-end systems.

Pricing for the 1600SC starts at $999. The basic system includes a single 1.8GHz Xeon processor, 128Mbytes of memory, and one 18Gbyte SCSI hard drive.

The new server is available with factory installation of Microsoft's Windows 2000 Server, 2000 Small Business Server software and Red Hat's Linux. The 1600SC is also certified and validated for Novell's NetWare.

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