HP ships Evo mini-desktop PC

Hewlett-Packard's Evo D510 e-pc, announced at TechXNY in June, is now available, along with a new addition to the company's D310...

Hewlett-Packard's Evo D510 e-pc, announced at TechXNY in June, is now available, along with a new addition to the company's D310 line, new thin clients and flat-panel monitors.

The Compaq Evo D510 e-pc is a development of small desktop designs from both HP and the former Compaq, which HP bought in May. The PC is designed to be mounted on a wall or under a desk and measures 3.8 inches high by 9.8 inches wide and 12.2 inches deep (9.7cm x 25cm x 31cm), and weighs 10 pounds (4.5 kg).

The desktop is designed for easy maintenance by IT departments, HP said. The chassis can be opened without tools, and it shares a common design with other D510 series models, so it is easier to remotely administer for companies that already use D510 products, it said.

A base configuration with a 1.8GHz Celeron processor from Intel, a 20Gbyte hard drive, 128Mbytes of DDR (double data rate) SDRAM (synchronous dynamic RAM), and a CD-ROM drive is priced at $649 (£424). Several configurations are available, including the 2.6GHz Intel Pentium 4 chip.

The new Evo D310v microtower comes with either a 1.7GHz Intel Celeron processor or a 1.8GHz Pentium 4 processor and Intel's 845G chipset with integrated graphics, starting at $469 (£307).

Two new thin client devices are also now available from HP. The Evo T30 and T20 come with a 300MHz Geode GX1 processor, up to 32Mbytes of flash memory, and up to 64Mbytes of RAM, with a starting price of $399 (£261). Thin clients lack internal hard drives or other storage media. They run applications directly off a server, which reduces maintenance costs in highly standardised environments, HP said.

HP has also announced four new flat-panel monitors. The TFT1520 is a 15-inch display starting at $479. The TFT1520m is practically the same monitor, but adds the PC CommStation, a centralised grouping of USB ports, stereo speakers, and headphone jacks in the base of the monitor. It is priced at $499.

The other monitors, the 17-inch TFT1720 monitor and the 17-inch TFT1720m with PC CommStation, will sell for $719 and $749, respectively. The models without the PC CommStation are available immediately, while the CommStation-equipped models will be available at the beginning of October.

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