Cable & Wireless debuts business continuity services

Cable & Wireless has introduced a suite of new business continuity and disaster recovery services designed to provide third-party...

Cable & Wireless has introduced a suite of new business continuity and disaster recovery services designed to provide third-party professional services expertise, coupled with IT infrastructure maintenance and support.

The suite, which is delivered by C&W's Exodus Web-hosting business, is a combination of data centre facilities and infrastructure, managed services and consulting practices to help customers plan for, recover from, and be prepared for downtime or unexpected network circumstances, said David Greene, vice-president of market development of Exodus Communications.

Greene said a number of factors, including the events of 11 September, rampant security breaches and damage, regulatory changes, and increased dependency on access to solutions, is fuelling the need for a standardisation of formally customised business continuity offerings.

Deloitte Consulting will work with C&W to lay the initial business continuity groundwork for customers by conducting a corporate overview and evaluating an organisation's needs. It will recommend actions for IT areas that Sun Microsystems, Hewlett-Packard and C&W will all respond to, based upon their specific hardware and services strengths.

C&W could face stiff competition from large-scale business continuity providers such as IBM, Compaq, and HP, because it does not manufacture any of its own equipment and, therefore, does not posses the "immediate draw" of manipulating a manufacturing environment to meet customers' needs on its own.

C&W's Exodus business continuity services suite includes the following:

  • Consulting services for risk analysis, business impact analysis, contingency planning, and recovery planning to identify the best solutions fit

  • A "cold site" that provides space, racks, physical security, and data centre connectivity, as well as an alternative data processing site with a recovery time objective of greater than 72 hours, and which features a no-lock-out guarantee

  • A "warm site" that builds on the cold site offering to provide a pre-configured environment for mission-critical applications, recovery equipment based on a customer's contingency plan, and a recovery time objective of greater than 12 hours.

  • A "hot site" that builds on the warm site offering by adding a live site for mission-critical applications and an assortment of managed services including monitoring, security, and maintenance with a recovery time of less than 12 hours.

The cold site option is available from C&W now with prices starting at $2,000 (£1,284) a month. Monthly subscription costs for warm and hot sites are also available, although pricing depends on the level of customisation, from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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