WiredRed unveils custom messaging tools

Enterprise instant messaging software vendor WiredRed has announced a development kit designed to let developers build custom...

Enterprise instant messaging software vendor WiredRed has announced a development kit designed to let developers build custom client/server or Web-based IM applications.

The e/pop Real-Time SDK includes the core components of the company's e/pop 3.0 IM product and supports Microsoft Visual Studio and Delphi 6 development toolsets as well as languages such as Visual Basic.net, Visual C#, and Delphi 6.

In addition, the software development kit includes COM and ActiveX Objects and Delphi 6 native components, sample applications with source code, online documentation, and development environment set-up. The source code samples - which include an IM client, a one-way emergency notification application, and a Web-based IM interface - can be used to IM-enable custom corporate applications such as CRM, ERP, portals, and legacy systems.

Adding IM and presence awareness to legacy or large customer-facing applications can boost productivity and make communication more effective, according to Allen Drennan, chief executive of WiredRed.

"We are seeing a real push from a lot of vendors looking to embed IM into existing apps because they need real-time communications [capabilities] but within their own platform technology," he said.

In particular, Drennan said there is a strong demand for adding presence awareness technology into existing corporate applications.

"We focused on providing presence on an enterprise scale so companies can integrate that into existing applications, as well as instant messaging [tools], which allow attachments and emergency notification," Drennan said.

WiredRed's IM software taps the company's Real-Time Routing Architecture, its platform for secure, two-way, real-time communications, company officials said. The platform consists of a real-time routing engine, user identification and presence awareness, and a set of virtual pipes supporting multi-server topologies and providing scalability to tens of thousands of users, according to WiredRed.

In addition, e/pop provides authentication, security, directory service integration, and central management capabilities. The e/pop server includes private routing capabilities for LAN, WAN, VPNs, proxies, and firewalls, which is necessary for distributed and complex network environments typical of most corporations.

The company said this SDK is the first in a series of SDKs WiredRed plans to release throughout this year and next year. Forthcoming SDKs will allow developers to extend e/pop into areas such video and voice conferencing, Drennan said.

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