HP shows HP-UX for Itanium 2

Hewlett-Packard has announced that its new HP-UX operating system for Itanium will have all the functionality of HP-UX for...

Hewlett-Packard has announced that its new HP-UX operating system for Itanium will have all the functionality of HP-UX for PA-RISC processors.

HP-UX 11i Version 1.6 is scheduled to ship in mid-July. Servers based on Intel's Itanium 2 chips are expected to arrive from HP sometime this summer, said Ram Appelaragu, director of marketing for the HP-UX operating environment.

Formerly code-named McKinley, Itanium 2 will be the second chip in Intel's 64-bit line of Itanium processors, and should offer up to twice the performance of its parent chip, according to Intel.

With HP-UX 11i Version 1.6, HP customers planning to purchase Itanium 2-based systems will enjoy all the enterprise-class tools previously only available to customers running servers powered by HP's more expensive PA-RISC chips..

"All the proven, mission-critical capabilities that we have always had in HP-UX for our own processor, namely PA-RISC, now become available for Itanium as well," Appelaragu said.

"From a system manger's standpoint, they can't tell the difference whether it's an Itanium system or a PA-RISC system. The look and feel and consistency of all the interfaces are exactly identical between PA-RISC systems and Itanium systems," he added.

PA-RISC chips are in the process of being retired by HP, with the last PA-RISC-based servers expected to arrive in the spring of 2004, according to HP.

Upgradable without a reboot, HP-UX 11i, Version 1.6 can support up to 64 Itanium 2 or original Itanium processors, and can be clustered to much higher levels using HP's MC ServiceGuard clustering technology.

Workload management capabilities and process resources management tools within HP-UX 11i Version 1.6 have also been brought over to Itanium from PA-RISC versions of the OS, Appelaragu said.

A wide range of security features are on board the new OS, such as host-based intrusion detection, directory-enabled authentication, and high-performance encryption.

A Linux porting kit is available for customers wishing to run Linux applications on Itanium 2. A Linux run-time environment will become available for HP-UX 11i, Version 1.6 in the first half of 2003, Appelaragu said.

The integration of Compaq's True64 software tools from HP's acquisition of Compaq will begin to happen with HP-UX 11i, Version 1.6 in 2004.

Previous versions of HP-UX for PA-RISC servers were included in the price of the server. But unlike PA-RISC chips, Itanium processors also run the Windows operating system, so HP will begin charging Itanium server customers for HP-UX 11i, Version 1.6, Appelaragu said.

"We'll be licensing HP-UX for Itanium on a per-CPU basis. The cost will be $2,995 per CPU licence," Appelaragu said.

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