Manugistics and i2 beef up supply-chain software

Supply-chain software vendors Manugistics Group and i2 Technologies have both upgraded their product lines.

Supply-chain software vendors Manugistics Group and i2 Technologies have both upgraded their product lines.

Dallas-based i2 has added inventory visibility and exception management capabilities to its Five.Two collaboration software to support real-time visibility with orders, shipments, and inventory. Meanwhile, Manugistics has introduced a new Service and Parts Management solution designed to address critical processes such as the planning, sourcing, repairing, maintenance, scheduling, and delivery of service and parts.

The new i2 Collaboration and Inventory Visibility Solution is designed to offer multi-enterprise, multi-tier collaboration and inventory visibility to allow companies to reduce inventory carrying costs while improving customer satisfaction. It enables users to set alerts that are critical to their business roles. Any critical exceptions pertaining to the status of inventory, orders, or shipments will automatically send alerts to appropriate personnel and ensure that they are resolved before they become customer issues. For example, if the inventory for a critical item falls below the minimum level, an alert will automatically be sent to the company buyer and trigger the replenishment process from the supplier.

The new i2 solution spans demand-supply planning to execution and integrates multiple tiers of suppliers into a synchronised and efficient collaborative network, said Steve Banker, an analyst at ARC Advisory Group.

With its new service solution, Manugistics is targeting companies in aerospace and defence, automotive, construction and farm machinery, chemicals and energy, communications, and high technology and transportation. These are asset-intensive enterprises that are increasingly seeking to maximise the uptime of operational assets - the equipment needed for the company to deliver its goods and services to the marketplace - while maintaining the highest levels of customer service.

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