Security vendors stand behind Tivoli Risk Manager

Network Associates (NAI), NFR Security, and Secure Computing announced this week that they have signed on to interoperate with...

Network Associates (NAI), NFR Security, and Secure Computing announced this week that they have signed on to interoperate with IBM's threat management software platform, Tivoli Risk Manager.

The new adapters will help bridge the monitoring and control gap across increasingly heterogeneous security deployments, said Leo Cole, director of security market management for Tivoli Systems.

Integrated software suites that will plug into Tivoli Risk Manager include NAI's McAfee Active Defense (AVD) product suite for antivirus, NFR Network Intrusion Detection systems, and Secure Computing's Sidewinder firewall and VPN gateway.

"The security environment is just getting so large, if you put three to five of these products in [place], you're going to have separate people watch those systems and react differently to how they send information back," Cole said. "There comes a point of almost diminishing return in that environment. You can't add people fast enough and you can't track all of the multiple uncorrelated events."

Tivoli Risk Manager will serve as the centralised platform to provide real-time monitoring of security threats and proactively take action based on a set of rules and policies. The product also provides historical analysis to detect attack patterns and offers vulnerability assessment.

Cole said customers do not have to wait for the next release of Tivoli Risk Manager to receive the added security vendor support. An upgrade featuring adapters and new integration points is available at Tivoli's Web site (

Tivoli Risk Manager already supports product integration from a wide array of vendors including Check Point Software Technologies, Cisco Systems, Microsoft, Internet Security Systems, Sun Microsystems, Red Hat, and Symantec.

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