Industry bodies support Computer Weekly's campaign

Here are what some industries are saying

Here are what some industries are saying

Brian White MP, IT lobby group Eurim
"This campaign is very timely. Computer crime is causing businesses increasing problems. The laws should be reviewed and updated to give businesses and the police the powers they need to take action against computer criminals. Eurim strongly supports Computer Weekly's campaign."

Will Roebuck, E-trade standards body E.Centre
"Events on 11 September are a stark warning that it only takes a small number of misguided criminals to destroy the economic and personal freedoms that many of us enjoy. For e-business, such devastation has focused the debate on identifying the types of crime committed against, and using, IT, and has demanded an urgent review of our existing laws to ensure that all aspects of 'e-crime' can be dealt with properly by the courts.

"E.centre supports any initiatives that help to plug existing legislative gaps, reduce duplication and thus give businesses the legal certainty to decide how to deal with attacks against their systems."

David Rippon , chairman, IT director's Organisation Elite
"Elite is concerned at the current loopholes in the laws relating to computer-related crime. The example of denial of service attacks being legal is extremely concerning, particularly as more and more of UK plc uses the Internet as a fundamental channel to interact with customers. We strongly support the Computer Weekly campaign to have the UK law on cybercrime reviewed. This review should be performed as urgently as possible."

Ray Titcombe , chairman of council, IBM Computer User Association
"Our view is that this is an interruption to legally responsible business taking place. This is another illustration of how our law needs to be updated to take account of modern IT and Internet-based living."

Information Advisory Assurance Council
"There should be a comprehensive review of existing and planned UK legislation to determine its impact on information assurance and identify gaps. An important step is to achieve legislative and regulatory harmonisation to ensure that future legislation reconciles the Home Office's aims of making the UK a safe place to live and work, and the DTI's aims of making the UK the best environment for e-commerce."

David Roberts , chairman, The Infrastructure Forum
"If there are inadequacies in the law, it is important that the legislative process is provided with a weight

of information and support from leading user organisations to persuade it to act. The Infrastructure Forum looks forward to playing a major role in providing evidence and user support for the need for change."

David Taylor , president, IT directors organisation Certus
"Security is high enough on every chief executive's agenda as it is, and the law is doing little to help us. This needs to be resolved and Certus fully supports Computer Weekly's campaign."

Dai Davis , Law Committee, Licensing Executive Society - A body representing practitioners in industry and law firms, involved in software licensing
"Licensing Executive members would welcome a review of the law. Unlike the Computer Misuse Act, the law should be clearly drafted and should not impose unreasonable costs and burden on UK industry, like the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act has done."

Computing Services and Software Association
"We support a review to enable law enforcement agencies to act effectively and appropriately within the information age. The Computer Misuse Act was developed before mass adoption of the Internet and this should be taken into account. Any review must include all interested parties to make sure that the right amendments are made."

Peter Sommer , computer security expert, London School of Economics
"What we really want is properly designed, effective legislation which addresses the problem and which also makes it easy for the police to prove that an offence has taken place."

Ronan Miles , chairman, UK Oracle User Group
"The fact that the National High-Tech Crime Unit is concerned that cybercrime is not adequately dealt with by UK law is a concern for all our members.

"We would wholeheartedly support any efforts that endeavour to make e-business and technology easier to use for all in the UK.

"The Government needs to bring UK law into the 21st century."

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