Logica takes plunge with £200m CPS contract

Logica has won its biggest ever IT services contract, with the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).

Logica has won its biggest ever IT services contract, with the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).

The 10-year £200m contract will involve providing an outsourced service supporting the desktop environment, existing IT infrastructure and back office functions.

A key aspect of the deal is the development of a case management system that will allow criminal case histories to be shared across all areas of law enforcement, from the police to the courts and the probation service.

The new system is timetabled for a complete roll-out in 2003 and replaces a heavily-criticised system on which development was halted in 1998.

While Logica is confident that it can construct the system, the company will encounter problems arising from the atmosphere of uncertainty following an October 2001 Criminal Court review by Sir Robin Auld that recommended the dismantling of the Ibis system which links the six main IT systems used by criminal justice agencies.

The review followed an August 2000 report on IT systems in the criminal justice system from the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) Parliament's all-party financial watchdog.

One issue noted by the PAC was the lack of consistent definitions, right down to disagreement between various government agencies as to what constituted a criminal case.

The Committee noted: "Information technology in the criminal justice system is being developed from a very low base. Basic case details required by all parties are generally input separately by each agency, which is likely to lead to duplication, error and delay."

Logica has recently won a series of public sector contracts, including a £13m SAP implementation at Haringey council in north London, and a contract to advise the E-envoy on smart card strategies. Now it will have to work closely with its rivals as the Home Office tries to plan a new IT strategy for the government's much vaunted "joined-up criminal justice system".

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