Oracle unveils pre-packaged portlets

Oracle has announced pre-packaged portlets that can be integrated into the company's Universal Portal, part of the 11i...

Oracle has announced pre-packaged portlets that can be integrated into the company's Universal Portal, part of the 11i application suite.

Universal Portal allows users to create a personalised "dashboard" with links to company content, news and financial feeds.

The portlet feature will sit inside Universal Portal and be sold as pre-configured packages that include key business functions and metrics for specific disciplines and industries.

"We finally got the right technology to bring together all the supporting information from the enterprise and from other applications," said Cliff Godwin, Oracle's senior vice-president for applications technology.

Using business intelligence metrics for decision support, the portlets will take live data from the company's system and measure it against a performance framework with targets set by the user. "If I am outside the range, I will be alerted," Godwin said.

The portlets will also include a "management by exception" alerting system to notify others when an indicator goes out of tolerance, as well as the ability to get supporting information to discover why the alert was sent.

Oracle will roll out hundreds of these pre-packaged portlets in 2002 for manufacturing, finance and other industries. The portlets, said Godwin, will include "planning performance, production quality, contract savings and contract leakage".

Oracle also announced that it is releasing Version 11.5.6 of 11i. "This version contains all of the fixes needed for a substantial portion of our customers to go live," Godwin said.

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