HP launches back-end solutions and services

Hewlett-Packard has announced a number of software and service products for wireless solution providers, developers, and...

Hewlett-Packard has announced a number of software and service products for wireless solution providers, developers, and consumers.

Chief among the new technologies is the HP Opencall Media Platform, which will give wireless network operators the ability to offer consumer and business customers advanced voice services such as unified communications, voice-enabled portals, and outsourced messaging.

The company will also announce the HP Mobile Advertising Solution. The first proof-of-concept application based on the new Opencall platform. Still in the pilot stage, the solution allows mobile phone users to opt into a low- or no-cost service if they agree to hear an advertising message placed before or after a call.

"At some point the same technology might be used by enterprises to broadcast simultaneous voice messages to employees when they turn on their phone," said Andrew Bolwell, HP's director of mobile e-services.

Opencall is a set of HP value-added services that run on the Signalling System 7 (SS-7) protocol, used by the telecommunications industry to manage the flow of voice traffic over the telephone network. According to Bolwell, Opencall currently has about 1,000 installations.

The HP Opencall Media Platform represents a unique technological breakthrough for the Opencall platform. Voice-processing systems have hitherto required a digital signal processing (DSP) chip.

The Opencall Media platform takes a radically different approach called softDSP, which performs the same functions as a DSP chip using only the processing power of a standard microprocessor.

"Opencall is harnessing the power of a commercial microprocessor to do signal processing. Using an HP 9000 with a PA RISC chip, we can process up to 2,000 users at one time on a single host computer without a DSP," said Peter Dragunas, a telecoms programme manager for HP.

Also available is a mobile interface for HP's OpenView Service Information Portal 2.0. The system will allow administrators to monitor and manage both the internal network as well as give service providers the ability to monitor Web performance, according to Carol Kemp, HP OpenView's marketing programme manager.

The mobile version will allow an IT administrator to use a mobile device to access the service's management features.

The company is also expanding its "Bazaars" concept by adding new location in London and Milan. HP Bazaars bring together system integrators, e-services software developers, and HP technical staff to exchange ideas and create new products.

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