Yahoo launches corporate broadcast services

Yahoo has unveiled two Internet broadcast services, predicting an increase in demand for communication alternatives to the...

Yahoo has unveiled two Internet broadcast services, predicting an increase in demand for communication alternatives to the face-to-face meeting.

The products, Virtual Conference and Executive Communications Center, are available through the company's Broadcast Services division.

The launch comes little more than two weeks after terrorist attacks in the US snarled travel and left many people afraid to fly.

Virtual Conference lets companies conduct large-scale meetings online. The service boasts audio-video transmission, slides synched to presentations, a browser to view other meetings, and interactive tools such as polling, question and answer, document sharing and audience survey. Virtual Conference also offers registration, attendance tracking, and archiving and hosting, as well as pay-per-view options.

Although Yahoo has long offered broadcast services, the company hopes Virtual Conference will tap into the diminishing corporate travel market. In the weeks since the terrorist attacks, many meetings and conferences in the US have been cancelled or delayed, and demand for teleconferencing services has soared.

Virtual Conference's pay-per-view feature offers users a chance to recoup expenses lost by low attendances or shelved meetings, said a Yahoo spokesman.

For companies that need to distribute critical news about their organisation to global offices and partners, Yahoo has launched Executive Communications Center. This communication channel lets companies distribute internal information on a temporary website or through their own corporate homepage. Yahoo will deliver online broadcasts to designated audiences within four hours of receipt.

Executive Communications Center costs £169,000 for five critical messages a year. Virtual Conference costs £236,500 for five conferences a year.

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