Microsoft may be forced to open its Windows XP operating system to competitors -- and other news

7 September 2001

7 September 2001

US government abandons efforts to break up Microsoft
All the papers carry the news that the US Justice Department has abandoned its efforts to seek the break up of Microsoft through the courts. However, the government is still pressing for strict penalties against the company, which could force Microsoft to open its Windows XP operating system to competitors and allow computer makers to put rival software on the Windows desktop. The Independent describes the decision to avoid break up as a U-turn by the US government.

Vodafone to cut speed of 3G services
The Financial Times and the Independent report a Vodafone warning that its 3G networks will not be fast enough to offer multimedia services when it is launched next year. The speed will be below the minimum specified when the 3G licences were auctioned last year and will not provide access for live video or music clips.

Marconi reduced to junk
The plight of Marconi attracts continued coverage, with The Daily Telegraph and The Guardian leading on the news that the credit agency Standard & Poor's has downgraded the company to junk status. The Financial Times picks up another favourite theme, that of the shareholders exerting pressure to stop payouts of up to £1m to the board members ousted earlier in the week.

Orange value outstrips parent company
The Guardian, The Times and The Daily Telegraph all carry the news that the mobile phone company Orange reported its first pre-tax profit of 275m euros in the first half of the year against a loss of 107m euros for the same period last year. At one point the company commanded a market value higher than that of its parent company France Telecom. The Daily Telegraph reports that Orange has dropped hints that it is to follow an acquisition strategy.

Intel forecast leaves investors relieved
The Financial Times and the Independent report that Intel, the chip maker, has warned that its third-quarter revenues would be in the lower part of the $6.2bn (£4.2m) to $6.8bn range it estimated in mid-July.

Motorola cuts more jobs on expectations
The Financial Times and the Independent report that Motorola, the telecommunications equipment and semiconductor manufacturer, expects to see no improvement in the third quarter and is cutting 2,000 jobs. The company's shares sank 15% on the news.

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