Sybase details new database pricing

Sybase has detailed a new pricing structure for its Adaptive Server Enterprise 12.5 database, as well as an enhanced e-business...

Sybase has detailed a new pricing structure for its Adaptive Server Enterprise 12.5 database, as well as an enhanced e-business server

The company made the announcements at its TechWave User Training and Solutions Conference.

The database is being offered for $14,000 (£9,797) per system CPU with an unlimited number of internal and external users. This option is available only for customers developing new applications for deployment on the database, according to the company. Additionally, Sybase is offering remote database administration services for outsourcing this function.

An analyst said that Sybase is attempting to catch up with rivals such as Oracle in restructuring its database pricing.

"They've had a concurrent user model. Now, they've just changed their pricing model to be on par with what Oracle changed its pricing model to in June, and what [IBM] DB2 and [Microsoft] SQL Server have had for a while," said Mark Shainman, a senior research analyst at Meta Group.

Calling the price drop "dramatic", Sybase president, chairman and CEO, John Chen, said, "We're going to branch out beyond the installed base and try to get some new customers."

The thrust of the company's announcements is intended to be strong technical advances in both mobile and vertical commerce, referred to as m-business and v-business.

As part of its e-business push, Sybase is adding new components to EAServer 4.0 to make it easier for corporate developers to connect users with information by linking applications at the server level. This will enable development of large-scale solutions for B2B, B2C and intra-enterprise integration, according to Sybase.

As part of the product's use of J2EE (Java 2 Enterprise Edition), the package features enhanced performance, reliability, and scalability, the company said.

The new version of the product eliminates the need for an external JSP (JavaSever Pages) servlet, said analyst David McGoveran, president of technology consultancy Alternative Technologies. "They've removed some single points of failure from the server," he said.

The Adaptive Server Enterprise 12.5 will integrate with Veritas Cluster Server software to enhance clustering in mission-critical computing configurations. Veritas Database Edition/HA for Sybase optimises core Veritas volume management and file system technology to enhance the performance of Sybase database environments. Included in the Veritas product is Veritas' automatic failover technology.

Sybase made a number of other announcements at the show, including:

  • Beta availability of the SQL Anywhere Studio 8.0 mobile, wireless database, featuring improved query processing, and general availability of the Mobile Manager software distribution product. These packages are produced by iAnywhere Solutions, a subsidiary of Sybase.

  • Beta availability of Sybase Communications e-Business Solution, a portal product for the telecommunications and communications service provider industry.

  • Beta availability of a new version of PowerDesigner, code-named "Neptune", featuring additional UML diagrams, Java enhancements and integrated data warehouse modelling.

  • Beta availability of a new version of PowerJ, code-named "Vancouver", featuring support for J2EE 1.2, including EJB (Enterprise Java Beans) 2.0, new wizards and backward-compatible application server support.

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