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Entranet to offer bounty for IT skills

E-commerce integrator and consultancy Entranet is offering any member of the public a £3,000 for every skilled person found for the company

E-commerce integrator and consultancy Entranet is trying to double in size by offering any member of the public a £3,000 bonus for each skilled person they find for the company.

Entranet is using the bounties – for up to 100 staff – to get around the current crippling skills crisis in areas such as Java, HTML/XML and the wireless application protocol Internet language WML.

The company is looking for a range of staff from junior programmers to new directors - but the £3,000 bounty stays the same no matter what level of seniority the hired person is.

The amounts will be paid in three stages – once the person is selected for interview, once they are hired, and once they have completed a three-month probationary at the firm. The company wants to hire 100 more staff by August.

An Entranet spokesman said: “We’re not aware of any other company doing this in the UK. Some offer modest incentives to their own staff, but not £3,000 to anyone outside the company.“

The company is also promising to do its best to provide incentives for the new recruits to stay at the company. Share options are not regarded as a major factor.

Dharmesh Mistry, Entr-anet’s chief technology officer, said: “For a college graduate with 18 month's Java experience, share options may pay off their mortgage and buy a nice car, but if they're serious about a career, they need good training.”

Mistry points to a recent poll by Data Dimensions, which questioned 200 UK human resource directors, and found that share options was one of the least effective ways to retain staff.

Entranet is in the process of setting up a £5m “e-boot camp” to make sure staff are equipped with the correct skills.

The company, which currently employs 100 people, and specialises in serving the banking and finance sector, has a number of high-profile customers including Eagle Star, Woolwich Bank, Co-op Bank, and HFC Bank. A number of other major contracts are said to be in the pipeline.

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