VMware, Intel, EMC, NetApp and IBM battle in the blogs

The storage blogosphere is ablaze with many battles over VMware, XIV, VMAXe and more.

VMware and EMC cop it from bloggers, IBM

The storage blogosphere has joined the global VMware-bashing session, and parent company EMC cops some anger too – and isn’t shy to dish it out.

When VMware introduced vSphere 5 a few weeks back the storage community looked at it and went “Wow! This is so cool” in posts like this one from myvirtualcloud.net

Then they looked at the price and vented in rather less pleasant ways.

Analyst firm IDEAS International summed up the changes, as did Hu Yoshida, Scott Drummonds, Nigel Poulton and Stephen Foskett. Grumpy Storage labelled the new licenses ‘vCrackd’.

IDEAS also brought you VMware’s backdown as did vTexan. Greg Schulz wonders about the Open Virtualization Alliance, which may be more popular in the wake of the affair.

Two other big events for the month were EMC’s announcement of VMAXe and IBM’s reveal (via Storage Buddhist) of XIV generation three. IBM’s Tony Pearson reckons the Elisabeth Stahl’s swipe at Oracle. EMC’s Chuck Hollis couldn’t help himself: his take is that good companies can have bad marketing.

HDS’ Claus Mikkelsen also has a go at EMC and so does NetApp, which canes EMC’s FAST as bedevilled by latency.

This NetApp post is a real puzzler: we’re not sure if it is a put-down for competitors, or a suggestion that Wikibon is asking the wrong questions and therefore being too nice to EMC. Read it and make up your own mind.

Let’s be nice

At this point in the roundup there’s been so much meanness I thought perhaps the best reaction is to follow the advice in this post from StorageBod, who suggests we put a stop to the whole storage caper.

But then I read on and found some more fun stuff, like and insightful IDEAS post about the future of blade chassis and RayOnStorage’s warning about the performance of some Intel SSDs. Both are worth a read. So are Justin Warren’s posts from SNIA ANZ’s second BlogFest, although this one recounts death-by-PowerPoint at HP.

We also like this video from Nimble Storage, via Storage Mojo, if only because all the innovative mid-tier storage companies have been acquired lately (except Drobo, which Stephen Foskett notes is now called Drobo, not Data Robotics).

StorageIO notes that low-end NAS now often include big-time features, Preston de Guise lists 7 common problems with dedupe and the Backup Blog looks at Avamar. Storage Anarchist spots EMC arrays in movies and TV shows and ESG considers Quantum’s latest efforts, the DXi6700 family.

Planet Chopstick has a new job at Dell and Cloudlock reveals NoTW nemesis The Guardian uses its cloud storage stuff.

Lastly, Claus Mikkelsen reveals a charitable side in this very interesting post.

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