From the Editors: Analytics takes on youth unemployment, delivery, and motorbikes

Fight youth unemployment, deliver goods swiftly, and design cool motorbikes...what can't analytics do?

The notion of using predictive analytics to retain customers showing signs of leaving is dear to the heart of telecoms and financial services companies -- and rightly so. But it does make a change to hear of analytics used by a not-for-profit organisation.

Medway Youth Trust uses the text analytics dimension of IBM’s SPSS predictive analytics software to identify young people who are at risk of becoming “not in employment, education or training,” or NEET. Last year, the trust identified 732 year 11 pupils with 70%-plus likelihood of becoming NEET. From October 2010 until now, the trust’s personal advisers have facilitated offers of education, employment or training to 82% of that group. Gary Seaman, data quality manager at the trust, said, “We’ve used our NEET prediction model to improve young people’s life chances.”

Another stroke of user ingenuity is discernible in GeoPost UK’s use of open source Business Intelligence tools to create a set of dashboards that disclose the direct links between operations performance measures, such as delivery times, and business metrics, such as profitability and level of service. Previously, the express parcel company had a forest of power user databases that were obscuring the single view of the truth that so many companies crave.

On two wheels rather than four, Honda R&D Europe is using predictive analytics from SAS to help them analyse customer preferences in the European market. Business analytics is a key part of the creative process that ultimately leads to the development of new Honda motorbikes. They interrogate quantitative and qualitative data -- such as judgments, values and preferences expressed by customers.

I hope you find the innovation at play in these stories to be interesting. If you would like to contact me about any aspect of analytics, BI, or data management please do so.

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