Isilon mining for local CTO

EMC’s new scale-out NAS Division has plans to target Australia’s resources sector

Isilon, EMC’s new scale-out NAS Division, will hire a Chief Technology Officer as one part of plans to target Australia’s resources sector.

The Division currently has only two local employees, but Christian Smith,  Senior Director for Global Systems Engineers at Isilon, says he expects that by the end of 2012 the Isilon will have around 20 dedicated local employees.

One will be a Chief Technology Officer (CTO). EMC Australia already has someone in a similar position: Clive Gold serves as Marketing CTO. But Smith said the nature of Isilon’s products means it needs its own CTO.

“EMC has expertise around backup and recovery,” he said. “When you get into bio-informatics and media [two of Isilon’s key markets] you need a specialist.”

The Division will also need specialists to address the mining industry, as Smith said the organisation has been researching its potential.

“We have been spending time with natural resources people understand their apps and data flows,” he told SearchStorage ANZ. “So yes: we will be speaking aggressively to them [miners] in the coming year. We’ve already had some good wins in the USA over the last four months in that sector.”

The Divison will also continue to seek customers in industries it already knows well, such as bio-informatics and media. In the latter industry, it displaced NetApp from the primary storage role at film studio Animal Logic.

Smith also said preliminary work has commenced on integration of Isilon’s and EMC’s products.

“We’ve been qualified as a target for EMC’s File Management Appliance and DiskXtender. There’s a lot of discussion around where we fit in the product line.”

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