Data warehousing technologies to evolve rapidly, says Gartner

Gartner says data warehousing technologies are turning the corner.

Considering the data overload that businesses are currently facing, there is no doubt about the metamorphosis of data warehousing technologies to match the new data in its new scope. Donald Feinberg, vice president at Gartner predicts that data warehouse technologies will become more than supports to traditional BI systems and will grow as the backbone to broader analytics infrastructure. They will support operational analytics, corporate performance management and other new applications.

Considering acquisitions, R&D occurring in the market, vendors will focus on developing Information Management Platforms.

Mark Beyer, research vice president at Gartner

Gartner indicates that the priority has shifted in 2010 from cost control to performance optimization with companies willing to pay a higher capex for a lower opex. This has spurred on vendors to market their higher rated data warehouse technologies as ‘easy maintenance’. Feinberg observes this in the revenue-increases for software licensing in the data warehouse technologies. He believes this shall happen as expected owing to the changing paradigm of data warehouse technologies as a mission critical one.

Gartner thinks that the ‘ideal’ of data warehouse technologies is changing. Now it has to crucially address more types of information assets. Vendors, in turn, will now have to tackle the issue of incorporating new information assets formats into their data warehouse technologies.

The research firm maintains that database management systems DBMS) do not reign supreme any more. They are given a tough fight by data integration tools. Along with this, analysts forecast the rise of another contender, business process platforms. This is due to the shift of focus from mere data storage to context comprehension in metadata.

Gartner predicts that by 2013 data warehouse technology vendors will combine their forces for the greater focus to develop information management platforms. Mark Beyer, research vice president at Gartner vividly envisages this considering acquisitions and R&D taking place in the market.

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