Generic firewalls not enough for Australian Bureau of Statistics new web services

The Australian Bureau of Statistics says generic firewalls are not what it needs to secure planned new web applications it will deploy for the 2011 Census.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) is preparing new web services as part of the 2011 Census, and is tendering for web application firewalls to provide a level of security it does not believe a generic firewall can deliver.

The tender, released last week, states that the agency possesses " ... sophisticated firewall technology deployed in front of the web applications."

"However, the ABS wishes to expand its capabilities in Web Application Firewall technology which will provide application level awareness in order to deliver required Web security. "

The tender states the devices the ABS seeks should provide "security for web applications, including web services utilising technologies such as XML, SOAP, RESTful style, HTTP, JSON, .NET, hosted by the ABS." The organisation is also looking for devices to "provide security for ABS consumption of external web services."

The winning tenderer's devices will certainly be busy, as the ABS says the web services it is planning for the 2011 Census will "generate 2,000,000 requests per day with an average request of 7.2Kb and 14Gb data transfer per day."

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