Acquisitions not essential for Dell's storage growth plans

Dell's Dell’s Global Enterprise Storage head, Praveen Asthana, says partnerships, not acquisitions, remain an option as the company seeks to expand its storage market share.

Dell plans to become the number one seller of storage among server vendors, but may not need acquisitions to do so according to Praveen Asthana, head of the company's Global Enterprise Storage business.

Asthana's comments seem to contradict those made by the company during a recent results announcement in which it foreshadowed future storage acquisitions. But Asthana said the company could find partnerships offer it the same expansion opportunities.


“We will continue our partnership with EMC,” Asthana said at a media event in Sydney yesterday. “There is no need to expand the infrastructure side of our business and it does not make sense to acquire overlapping products. But if you look at what customers are interested in, it is not the things they store data on but how they manage data ... how you move data around and make it available to customers and end users.”


“So we are looking at helping customers with their data management and a lot of their headaches around backup, recovery, archiving We will look at partenrships and strategic relationships to deliver


“It does not necessarily have to be an acquisition, there are many companies we partner with.”


Asthana said Dell will instead consider software's role as a value-adder to its hardware range and is considering tools to help its customers automatically assign data to different tiers of storage, then migrate it between tiers as its status changes.


“You will see something from us on this,” he said.

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