Seven free disaster recovery assessment tools

Is your disaster recovery plan up to scratch? Would you know if it was not? We've linked to seven free templates and tools so that you can test your preparedness.

It's not easy developing disaster recovery and business continuity planning strategies. A lot of time and effort is required to assess and determine risks and map out all of the details -- not to mention funds. And although some research is necessary to find the appropriately priced disaster recovery services option and best business continuity strategy for your midsized organization, we can offer some resources in the form of a guide to free DR and BC planning templates.

From risk assessment to digging down into all of the details, these free templates provide a baseline and a general checklist of areas to investigate. The following free templates for disaster recovery and business continuity planning are not one-size-fits-all, but they do offer frameworks to follow in order to reach your ideal DR and BC strategic goals.

  Business impact analysis  

OFFERING: Business impact analysis is important to identify critical business functions and analyze the business impact of losing those functions. Download the business impact analysis template.

  DR and BC guides  

SOURCE: US Federal Emergency Management Agency
OFFERING: The federal agency offers an emergency planning guide for businesses of all types and sizes, with recommendations for preparing for emergencies.

OFFERING: Get an easy-to-read and understand business continuity and disaster preparedness guide.

  DR and BC templates and sample plans  

OFFERING: This disaster recovery template provides guidelines for the types of information and procedures to be recovered after a disaster.

OFFERING: Get a sample business continuity plan with a checklist of preparation tasks.

OFFERING: This technical consulting group provides a DR/BC planning template for disaster recovery strategies.

  Small business self-assessment

SOURCE: Australian Government

OFFERING: A self-assessment quiz to help true small businesses understand their security readiness.

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