Turnbull/Rudd battle echoes EMC/NetApp brawl

Our weekly blogosphere crawl finds NetApp unconsciously positioning EMC as Kevin Rudd, and itself as Malcolm Turnbull. We also find a great Australian blogger covering EMC NetWorker!

We’ve been waiting and waiting for NetApp to have a good, hard swipe at EMC’s new Symmetrix V-Max and it finally came this week with an argument eerily reminiscent of current political debate here in Australia.

NetAppp’s Alex McDonald lives in the UK, which is borrowing even more than Australia, and likens the spree to the effort EMC put into developing its new kit, as articulated by Chuck Hollis.

McDonald reckons EMC has overspent, for little result. Which is just what Malcolm is saying about Kevin.

Spooky co-incidence, huh?

A more reasoned critique of the new kit comes from HDS’ Hu Yoshida, who reckons V-Max is not really that new after all.

Chuck, of course, is unrepentant, launching a volley at Oracle for its blasé attitude towards VMWare in the wake of its Virtual Iron acquisition. We think you doth protest too much ...

Competition between EMC and NetApp is bubbling along elsewhere, too, as Storage Architect contemplates whether the former’s new management software is going to hurt the latter.

Storagebod talks about the same software, but gets a tad worried about the price

Great Aussie storage blog

Another thing we have been waiting for is a good Australian storage blog and this week we found one in the form of the NetWorker Blog  penned by Preston de Guise. Go check it out, EMC NetWorker users!

Elsewhere, Storage Switzerland has been playing with a prosumer-grade SSD and likes it

Back in a more serious, enterprise, vein, High Availability has analysis of weirdness in the NetApp supply chain that could be bad for the company.

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