Sectors – HDS, EMC, philanthropy and zombie storage!

Our weekly trawl of the storage blogosphere finds a “meh” reaction to HDS’ latest. We also have touching news of storage industry philanthropy, NetWorker tips galore and our usual snarkiness.

HDS has announced its new, super-duper clust-o-rama thingy, aka High Availability Manager

The blogosphere’s reaction? A hearty “meh” of not-impressedness from Storage Architect, who called the announcement “a complete disappointment”. 3PAR’s Storage Rap blog is more interested in Hitachi TVs.

Some of the dissatisfaction comes from this post  by HDS’ Claus Mikkelsen, which said the company would have a “big announcement” this week. Judging from the paucity of zero-day blogs on the launch, we think the blogosphere is not sure of the bigness either. For what it is worth, when SearchStorage ANZ read the “big announcement” blog post we contacted HDS’ local PR reps and they had no idea of a big announcement in the pipeline. That's how big it wasn't.

So we need something big to play with this week and the ongoing brawl between EMC’s Chuck Hollis and everyone else could be it. A couple of weeks ago, HDS’ Hu Yoshida blogged about the Doeswijk data model. Hollis has fired back saying it’s rubbish.
But EMC is not just a big mean blogging machine. Nope … it's also big-hearted. Check out this video to learn why:

Now read Steve Duplessie’s blog which explains the video.

Storage Anarchist blogs about it, too.

If you don’t want to click through, it’s about an EMC staffer who has Leukemia and needs a bone marrow transplant. EMC and a whole bunch of the storage bloggers we mention most weeks are all digging deep to help find a donor and meet their expenses.

Needless to say, we like this. A lot.

We also like Duplessie’s take on the NetApp/Data Domain buy, a topic also covered by Zerowait.

Another blog worthy of your attention is The Backup Blog, which this week carries a fine recap of EMC World.

It’s also hard not to like Virtual Geek’s take on getting the most out of Celerra under VMware or StorageZilla on NetWorker 7.5.1’s FastStart feature.

Preston De Guise’s NetWorker blog is also cranking out plenty of goodness, with this post looking at using Yum to install NetWorker on Linux and this one exploring important mminfo fields.

And hey … that’s all … except for the Zombies!

StorageMojo has a post on 5 zombie storage concepts that should die, but keep shambling on, eating your brains as they go.

Mmmmmmmm ….. brains! They're tastier than high-availability clusters!

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