Logical Units – Hitachi GST hits 2TB, plus new cloud backup and surveillance products

Our regular roundup of new storage products features the first two terabyte hard drive, a new surveillance product and an Australian, Microsoft-centric cloud backup service


Hitachi GST hits two terabytes

What’s in a name? If the name in question is “Deskstar 7K2000” what inside is a whopping two terabytes (2TB) of storage capacity, the first time a disk drive of this size has been shipped to the buying public.

Hitachi GST says it is shipping the new drives now, but has not announced a price and the drives seem not to have reached Australian resellers as yet, with a search of online retailer Staticice yielding no results.

Aussie Microsoft cloud backup

e*fort is a new Australian company that offers cloud backup of Microsoft applications.

The company uses Microsoft’s Data Protection Manager to backup Microsoft applications such as SharePoint and Exchange and stores the data in a private cloud running EMC equipment. The service can also back up virtualised applications created under Hyper-V and, if necessary, store virtual hard disk images that can be made live in the event of a disaster.

The company charges a flat $495 per gigabyte per year, a sum that includes the provision of a dedicated WAN link to the company’s private cloud. The link is provided as the company found that cloud backup services can flood organisation’s existing WANs.

D-Link security recorder

D-Link has released a two-bay data recorder aimed at video surveillance implementations.

The DNS-722-4 seems to be a surveillance version of the company’s DNS-323 two-bay NAS, but adds the ability to record from up to four cameras (Models from D-Link, Axis, Panasonic and Sony are supported), UPS support and features that make it hard to steal the device.

The device sells for $855, without the two SATA drives it can accommodate in RAID 1 configuration. A “Pro” version of the device, model number 726-4, adds remote support and costs $1440.


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