Storage blogosphere gets analytical, considers VMware and HDS/Sun fallout

The storage blogosphere is in a more contemplative mood this week, but EMC and NetApp still manage to argue, while 3Par, Compellent and HP all come in for criticism from various quarters.

Let’s start this week with something different: a storage integrator getting stuck into a vendor.

The integrator in question is IDATA, of New Zealand, where MD Mike Leonard-Smith takes issue with the “single pane of glass” concept for IT management. I think Mike’s our second integrator blog, after Italy’s Cinetica, and first kiwi, so welcome aboard. And if you know of other blogs in either category, you know what to do!

Regular readers may, by now, be spoiling for a fight and Recovery Monkey picks one with Compellent.

Truth be known, however, the real action of late has been on Twitter, where EMC’s Chuck Hollis and NetApp’s Valb00 have been going at it ... hard (although Storagebod does have a fine, if  humorous, dig at NetApp this week). In one tweet, Hollis responds to Valboo by saying “Defensive? Only when we encounter a massive BS assault. Go look at your tweets from today. Another NTAP SpamBot at work.” Threading and linking Twitter byplay is a nasty job, so just click on that one up there and work backwards yourself, will you? Hollis also weighs into the never-ending tiering debate (I think) but seems to want to want to avoid the T-word.

Another rolling debate concerns benchmarks and the validity thereof. IBM’s Elisabeth Stahl has an unhelpful post on the subject that swipes HP for a press release in a product category unrelated to most of her missives, but ESG’s Steve Duplessie has a cracker on “The Politics of Testing.”

Storagebod wonders about the name used for 3Par’s newest kit, as he’s not sure the wording is appropriate.


The HDS/Sun divorce gets more attention this week, with HP penning a pretty tacky letter from a VP to Sun customers promising to love them much better than Sun/Oracle can do. HDS has a predictable “we love all our customers” post (HDS storage muse also offers some link love to us in this post, so right back at you there).

Beyond those mentioned above, the fighting stops and the nerding begins.

StorageNerve, for example, gets down and dirty with the Symmetrix FS. Storagezilla reveals his very geeky (but cool) PC configuration. Scott Lowe explores why “VMware and EMC do not support connecting VMware ESX/ESXi servers to CLARiiON Fibre Channel and iSCSI devices on the same array simultaneously”. Virtual Geek works in similar territory, getting excited about new products that allow “Additional EMC NFS Integration with VMware.”

IBM’s Tony Pearson ponders the meaning of “protect” and CommVault’s Dipesh Patel is uncharacteristically calm (for CommVault) in his assessment of how to analyse dedupe ratios.

StorageMojo looks at the departure of the father of Atmos from EMC, and what it means for the product and the company.

We’ll round things up with Drunken Data on a new type of filer he likes and a Sepaton vs. EMC disagreement on various matters.


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