PODCAST: How Red Hat got pwned

This week's edition of our Risky Business podcast explores a recent incident that saw Red Hat 's package signing boxes compromised.

In this week's news segment we take a long, hard, disapproving look at the "Red Hat incident". It seems the software-maker was fairly thoroughly pwned -- the attackers managed to compromise the package signing boxes for both Fedora Core and Red Hat.


We also check in with RaceToZero virus obfuscation contest organiser Simon Howard. Until now the focus has been on the performance of the contest entrants, but how did the actual anti-virus software hold up? What's good and what sucks?

Simon is back from hosting RaceToZero at DEFCON in Vegas and joined the show by phone from New Zealand.

Steve McDonald is this week's sponsor guest from Check Point Software, and Munir Kotadia joins us for a look at the week's news.

Download the show here.

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