Risky Business #71 - H D Moore talks DNS bugs

This week's epsiode of our security podcast features H D Moore discussing the recent DNS bug.

This week's Risky Business is sponsored by Microsoft and hosted by Vigabyte virtual hosting.

This week's feature guest on Risky Business is H D Moore. He's the creator of the Metasploit framework and considered by Those Who Know to be a very smart chappy indeed. He joins us this week to talk about the DNS bugs discovered by Dan Kaminsky. Download this week's show from:


H D, in conjunction with his good buddy |)ruid, has released exploit code for the bugs, but fails to see why they're considered such a big deal. Considering we've seen similar bugs in the past, it's a fair position. Sure, it's a problem, but why the fuss now?

In this week's sponsor interview we chat to Microsoft's Virus Research and Response Coordinator, Jaukub Kaminsky. (No relation to Dan..) We go over the whitelist/blacklist thing again, as well as having a chat about what it's like being a malware guy at Microsoft.

The company got off to an inauspicious start with AV technologies in the early 90s (MSAV.EXE — remember that? Shudder…), but Jakub says things have changed considerably since then.

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