SurveyWatch: Spam bad; Apache worse; Web scary

Sophos' latest update considers the increasing threats to web security, web servers, and users' harmful browsing habits.

Sophos spat out another security threat update this week, this time focusing on the recent 'explosion' of web threats and, once again, the ingenuity of spammers.

Primary in the report is the astonishing news that lots of users are browsing porn sites.

Almost a third of Sophos users were scolded by the security provider's software for looking at 'Adult' content such as porn and gambling sites. Sophos took a snapshot of one million web pages blocked by its software, and determined that 28% of those pages came under the Adult category.

Pages set up by spammers, malware-laced pages, sites with illegal content and whatever lies in the 'Other' category (which is coloured a menacing purple) all made their usual appearances in the delightful three dimensional doughnut graph supplied by the company.

Next up, those of you with Apache webservers were warned that your servers are probably laced with malware and viruses, as a whopping slight majority of 'compromised' webservers were Apache based.

The report also featured a number of negatively skewed tables, with China rocketing up the malware-infected-website-hosting-country chart to become number one, outshining the former king, the United States.

Also noted was the news that those crafty spammers have begun using yet another file format - this time PDF - to propagate their propaganda in email spam. Those wacky hackers also turned to infecting USB flash drives with self-replicating programs this year, with fake spoilers for Harry Potter fans.

And, as always, we were warned that email threats are as omnipresent as they usually are, and we are right fear them.

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