Quantum already selling LTO-5, Laser offers bespoke optical replicators; Apple enters SMB NAS market

Our regular roundup of storage news includes a new cloud backup service from Brennan IT, Quantum finding demand for LTO-5 before its launch, a new SMB server from Apple and SNIA ANZ’s last course for the year

Brennan  launches cloud backup and archiving service

Australian IT services organisation Brennan IT has launched what it calls BuRA-a-a-S, also known as Backup, Recovery & Archive-as-a-Service. The service sees the company offer to upload your data into its data centres, where the company promises to take very good care of it and save you rather a lot of money in the process.

Buyers already queuing for LTO-5

“Three or four” Australian enterprises have placed pre-orders for LTO-5 tape drives from Quantum, even though the standard is yet to be ratified and a shipping date for products is unknown, according to Keith Busson, the company’s Country Manager for Australia and New Zealand.

Quantum has created a program offering its customers the chance to buy LTO-4 drives now and receive upgrades to LTO-5. Busson said customers are taking up this option in order to take advantage of LTO-5’s larger capacity.

“Part of it [demand for LTO-5] is that 5 is bigger than 4,” he told SearchStorage ANZ, as the extra capacity of the new format means users can get by with fewer tape drives.

Apple’s SMB NAS alternative

Apple has launched a new Mac Mini that runs Snow Leopard Server and packs in two hard 500Gb drives. The new server includes a “server assistant” said to make chores like setting up file sharing easy. Extra storage can simply be hung off one of the device’s five USB ports.

The “Mac mini with Snow Leopard Server,” to give the product its full name, retails for $1399 in Australia. At that price it undercuts Windows Foundation Server, Microsoft’s latest offering for very small businesses, creating an interesting new option for networked storage.

SNIA ANZ’s last course for 2009

The Storage Networking Association’s Australia/New Zealand Chapter will run its Storage Foundations course from November 16-19 in Sydney. The course costs $3600 plus GST and covers all the basics of Storage Networking.

To learn more about the course or register, visit this site.*

Bespoke optical burning bundles

If you want to archive data to a number of optical disks, Laser has an answer in the inelegantly-named DP-1TO9D Multi-drive DVD/CD duplicators. The device can be built to house as many DVD or CD drives as you require, with prices on application through Laser’s website.Laser's optical burner

* Disclaimer: Simon Sharwood is a non-executive director of SNIA ANZ


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