New IBM blogger attracts NetApp's ire, Symantec "sackings" dissected

A new IBM blogger has emerged and has been given the storage industry's traditional welcome: a blast from NetApp.

Welcome, dear reader of this column. Can I smash you in the face and assault your beliefs?

I ask because that's pretty much what happened this week to a new storage blogger, IBMer Storage Buddhist. The Buddhist's second-ever post, on XIV disk management, attracted a solid swipe from NetApp's Missing Shade of Blue blogger, who also has some choice words for 3Par's Marc Farley.  Cinetica offered its opinion on the debate, making this an impressive debut for the Buddhist (who is a Kiwi, FWIW, and therefore another local voice in the blogosphere).

XIV is attracting a lot of attention this week, as Techmute has also weighed in, as has Nigel Poluton. RecoveryMonkey touches on XIV too, in an amusing post looking at vendor FUD. ZeroWait also lokos at FUD, in a bit of a self-serving way.

Farley, meanwhile, declares that EMC and Dell have rekindled their romance, but doesn't think it will last because these things "only last as long as the tricks that the respective sales forces play on each other don't get too nasty."

The week's other big story has been the alleged sacking of 600 storage engineers at Symantec. StorrageZilla has fun with it, intimating that there were indeed sackings and that EMC will happily scoop up ex-Symantec talent for much less than it would cost to acquire the company. StorageMojo's analysis is gentler, offers the figure 60 instead of 600 and thinks it may not be a bad move anyway.

Another disagreement reaching the blogosphere is recounted by Drunken Data, but other than that the 'sphere is pretty calm and considered this week.

Information playground introduces "Wonky provisioning" and Stephen Foskett analyses Microsoft and Intel's IOPS claims. IOPS also captured Ray On Storage's interest.  Storagezilla contemplates virtual appliances, StorageNerve keeps his series of technical  posts on Symmetrix flowing and Preston de Guise considers media barcodes.

The Storage Architect gets excited about wide striping, Should These Lights Be Blinking examines NetApp Volume and Aggregate Relocation and What's This Got To Do With Storage declares life too short for bad wine or sloppily configured storage.

Storage IO has two interesting posts, one on the weird math of storage planning and another on hard and soft products.

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