EMC says it's a better home for Data Domain than NetApp

EMC CEO Joe Tucci has written an open letter to Data Domain employees, spruiking EMC as offering a brighter future than rival bidder NetApp and promising to operate the company as an autonomous division.

EMC CEO Joe Tucci has written an "open letter" to Data Domain employees, wooing them ( and especially, one imagines, the many who are stock holders) with a pledge of a rosier future for the sought-after company's deduplication technology.

"We at EMC have the highest regard for the people of Data Domain. You have built a terrific company," Tucci writes in the letter, released late Tuesday Australia/New Zealand time. "In many ways, you remind us of EMC," Tucci adds, later in the letter.

Tucci points out that EMC's all-cash offer is more valuable than NetApp's cash and stock offer, but says the more important reason to accept EMC's overtures is that it will be better for Data Domain's people and technology to do so.

"We are also a company that truly knows how to acquire companies that have become leaders in their market segments, integrate them smoothly and successfully, and then empower them to excel. We have learned by doing, and our track record is considerable. For example, over the past six years in the Silicon Valley area alone, we have acquired 11 companies, and today we have about 6,000 employees in the region. We are very mindful of culture—respecting and preserving the various cultures that made the companies we acquired successful in the first place. In nearly every instance, after joining EMC, these businesses have grown faster, advanced the development of their technologies more rapidly, reached more customers, and provided greater career opportunities for their people than they had been able to do on their own."

Tucci then outlines a plan to "... keep ...  Data Domain intact and operate your company as a product division within EMC. Your target-based deduplication technologies are important to the future of enterprise IT. We plan to invest in Data Domain and grow the business and the innovation even more aggressively because of our broader global reach and size."

The CEO adds that "... EMC can grow and develop Data Domain more rapidly and effectively than NetApp can."

Data Domain has made no further official response to EMC's offer since last Friday's statement it is "reviewing" the proposal. NetApp has also been silent since its June 3 revised offer.

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