Commentary: Social bookmarking failure an obvious example for us all

The closure of social bookmarking site ma.gnolia offers a very good example of why you need to test your backups.

Have you tested your backups lately? If your answer is “No”, the recent death of social bookmarking site ma.gnolia will likely see you schedule a test in the very, very near future.

ma.gnolia was similar to, a service that allows users to save their favourite web pages into the cloud and share them with other users. The service had a sufficiently significant audience to be included among 15 social bookmarking services suggested to readers of some of News Ltd’s Australian websites.

But in late January, ma.gnolia experienced a catastrophic data loss event and turned to backups to restore its database of users’ bookmarks. Both the primary and secondary backups failed irrevocably and the company has since said that “database file recovery has been unsuccessful and I won't be able to recover members' bookmarks from the Ma.gnolia database.”

The service is now closed and the company’s site directs users to a set of recovery tools.

We suspect that the sad demise of ma.gnolia will now become the storage industry’s number one example of why organisations need to test their backup often and rigorously.

The point of the story is so obvious that I suspect we’ll all get sick of hearing it by about the second repetition of the story.

But when did you last test whether your backups work?


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