NSW Police Force seeks solid state disks for in-car video recording

The NSW Police Force wants to equip its Highway Patrol cars with solid state disks capable of recording 12 hours of audio and video at up to 80 degrees Celsius.

The NSW Police force plans to refresh the technology it uses to record video inside its highway patrol cars, with removable solid state disks on its shopping list.

The Force equips its cars with cameras and equipment that are used to recognise number plates, so that officers can detect “unregistered and stolen vehicles as well as vehicles likely to be driven by disqualified drivers or persons-of-interest to police for other reasons.”

Highway patrol cars are also equipped with microphones, which together with the on-board video cameras are used to record the activities of highway patrol officers. These officers often work alone and the recording of their activities therefore “provides … irrefutable version of events as they undertake their operational duties,” according to the NSW Police Force tender for the new system.

The tender specifies that a new system will see the automatic number plate recognition systems automatically initiate video and audio recording as soon as a suspect numberplate is spotted. That data should then be recorded on a device the Force says should record audio and video and:

  • “Records to a removable hard drive system a preference for solid state recording media;
  • Operates in temperatures from -29°C to +90°C.
  • Has up to ten (10) minute internal backup battery system.

The audio and video is recorded to a removable hard disk drive with minimum of 12 hours of recording time at highest resolution. Video files can be reviewed on the in-car monitor and the removable hard drive (RHD) can be removed to download the files onto the designated system and viewed. It is desirable that the system allow playback simultaneously to recording multiple channels.”

The tender also specifies all components should meet the Mil Spec 810F standard.

Another interesting requirement is the ability to move the system to a new car in under an hour. The tender says that highway patrol cars are often replaced after six months and that it currently takes less than an hour to remove bespoke equipment from a highway patrol car an install it in another vehicle.


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