Moonwalk adds S3 access

Australian storage management company Moonwalk has made Amazon Web Services' S3 "just another tier of storage" in the latest release of its software.

Australian storage management vendor Moonwalk has upgraded its eponymous software, adding code-free access to Amazon Web Service's (AWS') Simple Storage Service (S3) storage-as-a-service offering.

"With the promise of storing and delivering data immediately, securely and inexpensively, Internet Storage is quickly becoming a highly desired way to offload infrequently accessed files from primary storage," said Moonwalk CEO Peter Harvey. "Our solution brings to enterprises the benefits of virtually unlimited storage without the costs or ownership hassles, provides "˜emergency' storage and is much greener than an in-house solution."

"We will pitch S3 as a third tier for archival storage," added Michael Harvey, the company's Vice President for Business Development. That pitch relies on the low cost of storage at AWS, which charges $US0.15/gigabyte/month to store data, plus access charges. AWS also offers storage in its European data centre, for an extra three cents a month and will happily co-locate data to ensure what the two companies are calling "Multi Continental failover."

AWS' infrastructure runs alongside the data centres and uses the same disciplines and processes developed to operate parent company's retail operations. S3

Michael Harvey says that the robustness of S3 makes it a viable disaster recovery option. By making S3 "just another tier" that can be managed from Moonwalk, the company hopes to make the service compelling alternative for users looking for DR or archiving services. The move is also hoped to boost Moonwalk's prospects , as while there are many S3 tools available, few are integrated into mainstream data management tools or are capable of taking data from diverse sources and managing their placement in the S3 cloud.

"Amazon S3 was designed to allow organizations to store any amount of data inexpensively and securely, while ensuring that the data will always be available when needed," said Steve Rabuchin, Director of Developer Relations for Amazon Web Services. "We're pleased to support Moonwalk's Internet Storage Archive and Backup solution."

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