SNW Europe 2010 coverage: Power metrics, encryption, dedupe, object storage and more

Follow the news from SNW Europe, happening in Frankfurt, Germany, Oct. 26-27, 2010. Read up on SNIA's power metrics plan, Emulex encryption, byte-level dedupe from Exagrid and more.

SNW Europe 2010 is happening on Oct. 26-27, 2010, in Frankfurt, Germany. You can find all of our Storage Networking World Europe coverage in one place here. Stay up to date on the latest data storage news and events from SNW Europe 2010 by checking back to this page throughout the week.


Sungard Financial cuts backup costs by 10x with dedupe during DR upgrade
SNIA green storage metrics may measure space
NetApp to resell Fujitsu VTL in EMEA
Emulex adds host-based encryption
Exagrid's new deduplication technology
Overland's new SnapSAN
CommVault gets Scality's object-based storage
News from SNW USA

Sungard Financial cuts backup costs by 10x with dedupe during DR upgrade

Sungard Financial Services has reduced backup costs by a factor of 10, consolidated backup onto Symantec NetBackup and achieved data reduction ratios of 25:1 with Data Domain data deduplication as part of an upgrade to its disaster recovery provision.

SNIA green storage metrics may measure space

The Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) is debating adding physical space metrics to its proposed Green Storage Initiative (GSI) power efficiency measurement specifications, said SNIA (Europe) Chairman Bob Plumridge at the organisation's Storage Networking World event in Frankfurt this week.

The organisation's draft technical specifications for standard metrics of storage hardware performance are already at an advanced pre-release stage and so far will provide comparative measurements for attributes such as I/O performance, power consumption and heat production in defined random and sequential read/write workloads.

At the event, Plumridge said the organisation was also talking about building in the ability to test these metrics against the physical space taken up by a hardware configuration.

He said, "As data volume increases, storage users face constraints on the amount of physical space they can fit equipment into. So, we're talking about a possible physical footprint metric, measuring performance and power consumption against the physical space occupied by hardware. It's an idea at present that's being discussed by the working group."

The aim of SNIA's GSI power efficiency measurement specifications is to provide a like-with-like comparison of different vendors' storage hardware. Under the programme, tests will be carried out by vendors but verified by SNIA in random tests at its labs in Colorado. If SNIA can't verify vendor test results, they will be negated for that entire product family.The first results of testing are expected in the next couple of months, but no date has been set for publication.

NetApp to resell Fujitsu VTL in EMEA

NetApp has announced it will resell Fujitsu's data deduplication VTL appliance, the Eternus CS800 S2 Data Protection Appliance, in 22 countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The Eternus CS800 S2 contains Quantum's DXi data deduplication technology. NetApp will extend the resale of the device worldwide dependent on sales in the EMEA area. At the same time Fujitsu will expand its resale, maintenance and support of NetApp's unified storage systems to more markets worldwide.

Emulex adds host-based encryption

Hardware card maker Emulex has announced the launch of two host-based encryption products for its HBAs, which are mainly sold to storage array makers. The two products are OneCommand Guardian, a software security product, and OneCommand Key Manager, an enterprise-class Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP)-compliant key manager based on IBM Tivoli Key Lifecycle Manager technology. The two products can be deployed on servers, either on Emulex HBAs or as software.

Host-based encryption offers an alternative to encryption on arrays, fabric switches applications or databases, all of which Emulex argues are more costly methods of protecting data. The Emulex products will currently only work with Fibre Channel arrays and are unsuitable for users who want to use data deduplication, since encryption removes the possibility of eliminating duplicate data.

Exagrid's new deduplication technology

Exagrid has announced the introduction of its new byte-level data deduplication technology, DeltaZone. The vendor claims improved levels of scalability over block-level data deduplication products due to the lack of need for a hash table, which can outgrow available memory and bring scalability limitations as the volume of data deduplicated increases. Exagrid post-process disk-based deduplication products can store up to a 100 TB full backup and weeks' worth of retained data. Adding devices adds memory and bandwidth to the deduplication cluster.

Overland's new SnapSAN

Overland Storage has announced the availability of the SnapSAN S1000, a 2U 12-drive modular SAN product. The SnapSAN S1000 can be customised with single or dual 1 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) or 10 GbE iSCSI, Fibre Channel or SAS controllers; SAS and SATA drives in the same chassis; and the ability to scale from 4 TB to 120 TB by connecting up to four SnapDisk E1000 storage expansion units. The new product has a no-single-point-of-failure architecture and has fully redundant, hot-pluggable components for all major functions, including RAID controllers, power supplies, fan modules, battery backup modules and SAS JBOD expansion ports.

CommVault gets Scality's object-based storage

Object-based storage software vendor Scality has announced CommVault's Simpana backup product can now back up to its RING object storage platform. The development will allow cloud service suppliers to provide cloud services to customers or private businesses to develop on-site clouds using the Scality RING platform. The Scality RING platform creates a series of nodes that are built using off-the-shelf servers with each node on the RING controlling its own segment of the overall storage pool.

Catch up on the news from SNW USA, which took place earlier this month in Grapevine, Texas, below.

Quantum refreshes high-end data deduplication backup system

Quantum Corp. released the DXi8500 enterprise virtual tape library (VTL) at SNW USA, taking the place of the DXi7500. The DXi8500 is now the high-end product in Quantum's disk backup portfolio and is able to scale from 20 TB to 200 usable TB. The DXi8500 also supports RAID 6, 6 Gbps SAS drives, 8 Gbps Fibre Channel and can perform at 6.4 TB per hour. However, it does not support global deduplication. Pricing for the DXi8500 starts at $430,000. If purchased with 90 TB usable and a VTL interface, the DXi8500 costs $731,000. Read more about the Quantum DXi8500 and its features in this article.

FalconStor CEO McNiel on a new company strategy

FalconStor interim CEO Jim McNiel, who took over for ReiJane Huai when he resigned, said FalconStor is developing new storage services products, and is looking to change the vendor's OEM business model to an "end-user-centric, solutions-branded" strategy. Read more about McNiel's thoughts on FalconStor's storage strategy change in this article.

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