London Stock Exchange opens its data centre doors to suppliers

The London Stock Exchange has decided to give the suppliers of market data direct access to its data centre; plus more daily news.

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London Stock Exchange opens its data centre doors to suppliers
The London Stock Exchange has decided to open its data centre to the suppliers of market data, with the aim of giving its trading clients direct access to its systems. Suppliers are being allowed to put their own systems in the stock exchange's data centre cabinets. The organisation's announcement means that messages will no longer have to travel across several communication networks to get to the stock exchange. The process will now take milliseconds, which is important in a market where prices and shares change continuously.

Virtual desktops to make Aberdeen City Council staff more mobile
Aberdeen City Council has handed Atos Origin a £10 million contract for managed data centre services and virtual desktops. The contract is the first that Atos Origin has signed with a local government in the last five years. The five-year contract will see Atos design and implement a virtual desktop environment for 5,000 users at the council in an attempt to make the staff more mobile.

VMware takes a bite out of Apple iPad market with new app
VMware has released a new client application for vCenter management tools that will run on the Apple iPad. Available before the end of this year from the App Store, it won't provide all of the features of the vCenter desktop client but users will be able to check the status of virtual machines whilst on the road and see whether there are any alerts, for example.

HP and BT feel the pinch from the UK government
Hewlett Packard and BT have signed memorandums of understanding with the UK Cabinet Office in an effort to cut public services spending by £6.2 billion by 2011. The pinch will mostly be felt by HP, as the vendor acquired EDS in 2008 and became the largest IT services provider to the UK government.

VMware vCloud API to integrate with CA Technologies
VMware's vCloud API will integrate with CA Technologies IT Process Automation Manager to allow the creation of VMware vApps, along with their deployment and operation. CA has said that the integration is under development using the vCloud API in BlueLock's VMware-based public cloud.

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