Latest Adobe Flash Player update to fix 32 security vulnerabilities

Similar bugs affecting Adobe Reader and Acrobat to be fixed by June last week.

After identifying critical vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player version and previous versions, Adobe has issued a security update package. This package will fix 32 vulnerabilities which cause application crashes, and allows attackers to take control of the system.

These vulnerabilities are believed to be triggered via e-mails. Users were encouraged to open e-mails which consist of Website addresses injected with malware to exploit these vulnerabilities. Once opened, these malicious programs started operations in the users' machines. Users running Windows, Linux and Macintosh operating systems were prone to this attack.

Users of Adobe Flash Player and previous versions can upgrade to Adobe Flash Player, whereas users of Adobe AIR and earlier versions can update to Adobe AIR Adobe's Reader and Acrobat programs also have a similar bug which infects PDF files. The company will release a security update for these vulnerabilities by June last week.

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