Payroll processing made easier at Winjit Technologies

Winjit Technologies had a tough time with HR and accounting processes, till it opted for payroll processing software which suited the SMB's requirements.

Nashik-based software development company Winjit Technologies used to have a tough time with its painstaking HR and accounting processes. Five years after the company was set up, Winjit's accounts department realized its error-prone payroll processing methods, thus offering constant vexatious challenges in computing salaries including variable pay. Moreover, the HR team required almost seven days to process payroll, which was time-consuming.

In 2009, Winjit decided to change it all. After evaluating a few vendors, the company opted for Sage Pocket Payroll software, as the product seemed to fit into the requirements of an SMB. The project went live in November 2009. "We took two months to roll out, because we wanted the migration from the beginning of the fiscal year, which is April. We wanted our current year data to be part of the new software," says Ashwin Kandoi, the founder and CEO of Winjit Technologies.

The application covers computing salaries, generating pay slips, calculating provident fund and employee state insurance (ESI). It also keeps track of income tax calculations, deductions and records of investments. Apart from this, it offers a link between attendance system and the Pocket Payroll system. Employee movements are scanned using biometrics, and then recorded on Pocket Payroll, which gives a monthly report. "There was manual intervention in maintaining attendance records. With this, the entire process is automated," says Kandoi.

Reducing the monthly payroll processing to one day is the biggest benefit. There has also been a radical deduction in errors.
Ashwin Kandoi
founder and CEOWinjit Technologies

To make the software more user-friendly, Winjit organized a training program for two to three persons each from departments such as sales, HR and accounts. The company's external statutory auditor was also part of this training process.

According to Kandoi, implementation of this software has seen a reduction in time for different processes. "Reducing the monthly payroll processing to one day is the biggest benefit. There has also been a radical deduction in errors. Accurate archival of data is also available of all employees, which can be referred to, at a later date for verification, appraisal etc.," says Kandoi.
Sage's licensing model depends on the number of employees. Winjit spent Rs 65,000 for licensing of the software. Add-ons like training came to around Rs 25,000. Overall, the company spent around Rs 2 lakh on the entire implementation process. Winjit Technologies has less than 300 employees.
It's not unnatural to face resistance when bringing in new technologies. "My biggest challenge was change management. The teams were used to conventional methods, so motivating them to use the new software was a challenge," says Kandoi.

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