Storage roundup: Fujifilm warns UK users about grey market tapes and more

Fujifilm warns of grey market tapes; NetApp customer saves power with virtualised servers; 3PAR adds cloud storage partners; BakBone updates disk-based data protection product; and more.

Fujifilm warns UK users about grey market tapes

Fujifilm has warned UK users about grey market tapes bearing its trademark that have found their way into the country. The warning came after the company seized a number of Quantum and LTO format tapes imported from the US that were used -- and in some cases up to 10 years old and in poor condition -- but sold as new.

Roger Moore, strategic business unit manager, recording media at Fujifilm UK, said in some cases the tapes had been damaged and customers should not use them. "Whoever attempted to erase all the data from the seized LTO tapes damaged the servo tracks. In the opinion of our engineers, it would be dangerous for customers to write any data to the tapes, let alone rely on them for backup."

Fujifilm said it will not provide sales support or tape replacement if customers experience data loss from recycled tapes.

NetApp customer uses virtualised servers, shared storage to cut power use

Online gas and electricity consultancy Utilyx has cut power usage by 30% and boosted storage utilisation by moving to a VMware virtualised server environment and shared storage with 8 TB on a NetApp FAS2020 filer. Previously the company was achieving as little as 5% capacity utilisation on 18 physical Hewlett-Packard (HP) servers with direct-attached storage (DAS) that were used to crunch tens of thousands of lines of code drawn from clients' energy meters. Utilyx now has five blade servers running 18 virtual machines (VMs) and is saving hundreds of pounds a month on rental of physical space while using its old hardware as a test environment.

3PAR adds partners to cloud storage scheme

SAN vendor 3PAR has announced new partners in its 3PAR Cloud-Agile Program. The programme includes partners building cloud storage service delivery infrastructures using the vendor's InServ Storage Servers. New UK partners to the scheme are Carrenza Hosting, Star and Ultraspeed. New partners elsewhere are Data Intensity in the US, NS Solutions in Asia and UCS Solutions in South Africa.

BakBone offers v4.0 of disk-based data protection product

Backup software supplier BakBone Software has introduced Version 4.0 of NetVault: FASTRecover. The disk-based data protection product for Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server and Windows File Servers now features a distributed architecture to protect multiple remote or branch offices across the wide-area network (WAN); instantaneous failover to physical or virtual machines across a local-area network (LAN) or WAN; and the ability to implement distributed application availability to existing IT environments.

Crossroads launches tape tool

Storage security and management vendor Crossroads Europe has launched ArchiveVerify, a monitoring tool that addresses the future readability of data backed up on tape. ArchiveVerify allows IT administrators to examine the readability of selected tape pools according to custom rules. The user first defines the tape pools to be verified as well as the selection criteria for the tapes to be analysed. Then one or more drives are selected for verification and the tape analysis schedule is defined.

Infortrend's new iSCSI arrays

Disk array maker Infortrend has extended its EonStor G6 family with two new 10 Gbps iSCSI-to-SAS/SATA storage systems -- the redundant-controller EonStor S16E-R1240 and the single-controller S16E-G1240. The new products integrate Blade Network Technologies' RackSwitch G8124 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10 GbE) switch to provide a high-speed, low-latency fabric for data-intensive storage networking.

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