Storage roundup: Holiday firm gets remote disaster recovery service and more

Holiday firm chooses Plan B DR; 3PAR adds auto tiers; Atempo supports Mac OS X; NetApp and Microsoft team up; Seagate launches solid-state drives (SSDs); and more.

Holiday firm gets remote DR

The UK Holiday Group has chosen Plan B Disaster Recovery to provide a fully managed, virtualisation-based business continuity and disaster recovery service. In the event of an incident, staff at The UK Holiday Group will be able to access an exact replica of their systems within minutes.

The service is based on a Plan B DR appliance installed on The UK Holiday Group's network and snapshots systems and data to the service provider's data centre where it's kept on virtualised servers. The setup replaces one in which The UK Holiday Group kept tapes containing rescue data, but not copies of its systems and apps.

System images are automatically tested by Plan B DR to guarantee that they will boot up without trouble. "It is essential to have a disaster recovery service that enables us to maintain business as usual even if we experience a major IT outage," said Paul Bennett, managing director at The UK Holiday Group.

3PAR adds automatic tiering

3PAR has announced 3PAR Policy Advisor for Dynamic Optimisation, which adds autonomic policy management and automation capabilities to 3PAR Dynamic Optimisation for 3PAR InServ Utility Storage Servers. Policy Advisor works by analysing how InServ's virtual volumes use physical disk space. The software then automatically makes nondisruptive adjustments to ensure optimal volume distribution and tiered storage across storage server resources.

Atempo supports Snow Leopard

Data protection vendor Atempo has announced support for Mac OS X Snow Leopard across Atempo's entire product suite. Customers using Snow Leopard can now back up with Atempo Time Navigator and Atempo Live Backup, archive data with Atempo Digital Archive and access archived emails with the Atempo Digital Archive for Messaging Entourage plug-in.

NetApp and Microsoft team up

NetApp and Microsoft have announced a new three-year agreement that extends product collaboration and technical integration, as well as joint sales and marketing activities. Under the new agreement, the two companies will collaborate and deliver technology solutions that span virtualisation, private cloud computing, and storage and data management. The two firms will also expand collaboration in virtualised infrastructure solutions based on Windows Server 2008, Hyper-V and NetApp storage systems; storage and data management solutions for Microsoft Exchange Server, Office SharePoint Server and SQL Server; and cloud computing and hosted services solutions.

Seagate launches first solid-state drive (SSD)

Seagate has launched the Seagate Pulsar solid-state drive, the first product in its new enterprise SSD family. Pulsar is designed for enterprise blade and general server applications, and uses single-level cell (SLC) technology. It will deliver up to 200 GB capacity and is built in a 2.5-inch small form factor with a SATA interface. Seagate began shipping Pulsar units to select OEMs in September 2009.

Virtual Instruments' service offering

Storage-area network (SAN) monitoring tool vendor Virtual Instruments has announced the SOS-4-SANs service, which is aimed at enterprises experiencing Fibre Channel SAN availability or performance issues. The service is designed to offer immediate expert assistance to users, integrators and SAN component vendors who need help troubleshooting SAN problems. The service uses NetWisdom and VirtualWisdom monitoring and analysis tools to identify and resolve Fibre Channel SAN emergencies.

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