Vizioncore launches vReplicator 3.0: News Roundup

Vizioncore launches vReplicator; cloud computing and SaaS expected to expand in financial sector; and other news of the week.

Vizioncore launches vReplicator 3.0
Data protection vendor Vizioncore has announced vReplicator 3.0, a virtual machine (VM) replicator tool designed for disaster recovery and business continuity. A revamp of the original vReplicator, the new version focuses on helping administrators meet shorter recovery time objectives and recovery point objectives. Vizioncore has also added its Advanced Replication Engine to drive faster replication times.

Financial sector networking surge
Investment in networking technology is set to boom in the financial sector, according to vendor Brocade. Research from BT Global Services has revealed that tele/video conferencing, cloud computing and Software as a Service (SaaS) technology will grow in popularity amongst businesses in this sector as it begins to recover from the economic downturn. The survey was conducted across all markets and found the financial services arena to be investing in networking technologies faster than any other sector. Over half of the financial institutions questioned said they are currently investing money into more reliable network technology to speed up their company's recovery from the recession.

Centralis to develop regional shared services for Dudley Primary Care
Dudley Primary Care Trust (PCT) has turned to consultancy Centralis to develop a regional shared services infrastructure, with a virtualised desktop environment. The implementation aims to allow personnel throughout Black County to access systems and information by changing the company's application delivery. Centralis commenced with a proof of concept to change the way Dudley PCT provisions desktop access for its 3,000 staff, spread over 100 locations. The proof of concept was built on Citrix XenServer, Citrix XenApp, Citrix XenDesktop, AppSense and Secure Remote Access to demonstrate how Dudley PCT could provision desktop access for two separate IT environments. By adopting this approach, Dudley PCT will consolidate its 120 physical servers to an estimated 16 virtual servers.

Open Cloud Manifesto gains support from Shoden Data Systems
The Open Cloud Manifesto continues to bolster its supporter tally, with server and data storage vendor Shoden Data System UK announcing itself as the latest backer. The Open Cloud Manifesto is a document that aims to kickstart the exchange of information and ideas between cloud computing providers and end users around a common set of core values. Shoden has said that cloud computing, as with any advance in IT, needs to be openly discussed, covering how this new application delivery model will impact businesses. The manifesto focuses on the risks and benefits of cloud computing, making sure they are understood so businesses can make informed decisions about whether or not to invest. Shoden joins other supporters, including BakBone, IBM, MTI and EMC.

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