UK firms to make a splash at Mobile World Congress

UK companies are planning to make a big splash at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, next month

UK companies are planning to make a big splash at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, next month.

UK Trade and Investment has hosted an event to showcase 20 technology companies exhibiting at the event.

Deltenna has developed WiBE, a 3G access point that uses four antennas to provide users in rural areas or where broadband is unavailable, such as a construction site, with internet connectivity. One user in North Wales used the £299 device to access the BBC iPlayer, even though his normal 3G dongle was inoperable due to poor 3G connectivity.

Masabi provides mobile ticketing. Its app is available via the website, providing a 2D barcode ticket. Marylebone Station in London has installed 2D readers in its barriers. Tickets can be checked using a mobile reader, while a human readable version of the ticket can also be provided for when no barcode reader is available.

Real VNC provides cross-platform remote access technology. It claims to be one of the top 10 highest-grossing applications on the Apple App Store for corporates and individual users. Real VNC has been licensed to Intel within its vPRO chipset, to enable system administrators to rebuild a laptop remotely, when the hard disk fails.

Google has also licensed Real VNC within its Chrome operating system, to enable users to access non-cloud-based applications. Real VNC is also being used by Jaguar Land Rover and in-car entertainment company Clarion. According to Tom Blackie, vice president, mobile, at Real VNC, the product is being used to enable mobile devices to communicate with the in-car entertainment system to provide satellite navigation, text to speech and hands-free mobile phone use.

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